LanSchool Whitepapers


Best Practices for Configuring and Using LanSchoolv7.7 in a 1 to 1 School

This white paper was developed for those looking into LanSchool for a 1 to 1 solution as well as configuration suggestions from networking to hardware.



Classroom Management Tools for Effective Teaching & Enhanced Learning

This white paper was developed for LanSchool by the Center for Educational Leadership and Technology (CELT) located in Marlborough, Massachusetts. 

Based upon fifty years of research, the Seven Principles of Effective Teaching (originally Seven Principles for Good Practice) was developed by Arthur Chickering and Zelda Gamson in 1986.

This summary of decades of educational research findings defines activities most likely to improve learning outcomes. These principles and the body of research supporting them have been used in numerous research studies over the past twenty years as a guideline for aligning effective pedagogy, both technology and non-technology based, with desired student learning outcomes.

This paper uses these principles as the foundation of analysis regarding the LanSchool components supporting effective teaching and enhanced learning.

According to Chickering and Gamson, the Seven Principles of Effective Teaching embodies the following characteristics:

• Encourages Student-Faculty Contact
• Encourages Cooperation Among Students
• Encourages Active Learning
• Gives Prompt Feedback
• Emphasizes Time on Task
• Communicates High Expectations
• Respects Diverse Talents & Ways of Knowing


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